Video Marketing vs. Content Marketing: Stats That Will Shape Your Strategy

Video Marketing vs. Content Marketing: Stats That Will Shape Your Strategy

Video Marketing

Choosing where to invest your marketing efforts is hard. Let’s dive into the data behind video marketing and content marketing to help you make informed decisions (and get the most for your marketing budget!)

Video Marketing: The Undeniable Force

  • Engagement Powerhouse: Viewers retain 95% of a message when watching a video, compared to only 10% when reading text. (Insivia)
  • Social Shares are King: Videos are shared 1200% more on social media than text and images combined. (SmallBizTrends)
  • “Watch and Buy” Trend: 84% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. (Wyzowl)
  • YouTube Dominance: YouTube is the second-largest search engine behind Google, and it’s owned by Google, further amplifying video’s reach.

Content Marketing: The Authority Builder

  • SEO Foundation: Websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages. (TechClient) This means more opportunities to rank on Google.
  • Content = Trust: Companies that blog consistently receive 67% more leads per month. (Demand Metric)
  • Long-term Value: A quality blog post can rank and drive traffic to your website for years to come.
  • Niche Expertise: In-depth content lets you showcase your knowledge and attract the right audience.

But What About Results? That’s Where We Come In

At Business Solutions Marketing Group, we understand that marketing is about getting seen. That’s why we don’t just create amazing videos; we are one of the few agencies that specialize in getting those videos to PAGE ONE of Google. This combination of compelling video and top rankings is what truly drives leads and revenue.

When Video is the Clear Winner

  • Quick Message, Big Impact: Need to grab attention on social media? Video is your best bet.
  • Showing, Not Telling: Products, tutorials, and customer testimonials shine in video format.
  • Building Brand Personality: Put a face to your business and build trust rapidly.

When Content Marketing Reigns Supreme

  • Answering Complex Questions: Some topics require detailed explanations, perfect for blog posts.
  • Cornerstone SEO: Target specific keywords and build authority in your niche through content.
  • Thought Leadership: Become the go-to expert by publishing insightful, original articles.

The Smart Strategy: Integrate Both

The most effective marketing uses a strategic mix:

  • Repurpose to Maximize: Turn blog posts into video scripts, or webinars into snackable social clips.
  • Boost SEO with Video: Optimize videos with keywords and embed them in articles for greater visibility.
  • Customer Journey Focus: Use video for top-of-funnel attention, and content to guide prospects further down.

Need Help? Choose the Agency That Gets Results

Not all video marketing agencies are created equal. At Business Solutions Marketing Group, we’re passionate about combining high-quality video production with the SEO expertise that gets you seen and drives actual business growth.

Let’s Talk! Schedule your free strategy call today.

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