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Our mission at Business Solutions Marketing Group is to help brands create better content because we believe helping people better engage with one another is a path to getting more clients to your website.

So your brand’s voice matters. Whether you’re expanding your vision or tackling everyday goals, we know quality content can make a difference.

Any business owner interested in marketing online has heard the phrase “Content is King.” For our purposes, “content” means text.

And the more quality, unique, recent text a business publishes to its website, the better.

Writing quality content that supports the services you are marketing and reinforces your good reputation with readers takes time and skill. For this reason, many business owners turn to hiring writers to meet their online content goals. It is remarkably cost-effective, with the writing, research and revision of a single article costing less than many owners can bill in one hour.

Once you determine you need writing help for your business website, you will quickly discover that there are a lot of companies out there wanting your work — some boasting of writers with degrees. While our primary team member does have a law degree, not all of our writers do.

We offer a very specific type of writing service.  ​We specialize in the kind of high quality, original content that provides meaningful value to existing and potential clients. We also provide a service tailored to you, not a mere product. We are known for our collaborative, personal process, which ensures your articles are unique to your firm and say just what you want them to say.

Blogging is an important function of a well-balanced marketing plan.

Blog Service Levels

We offer 3 tiers of blogging services, based on your budget and marketing goals. Our blogging clients generally have us write from 1 to 4 articles per month for them.  

We can submit posts to you via emailed document or as an additional service we can upload them directly onto a blog with appropriate tags, links, etc.  We are prepared to find all topics on our own, but you can provide us with as much or as little direction as you’d like regarding topics/style/tone.

Plan A

500 words — good for high-frequency posting, enough words to meet recommended minimums for reader engagement and support of SEO pages.

$125.00 Per Blog Post written by a Business owner


ORDER NOW and get Four 500 Word Blogs for $450.00 per Month (2 Month Minimum)

Plan B

1,000 words — mid-range articles that up the density and breadth of information on your website.


$175.00 per Blog Post Written by a Business owner

Plan C

1,500 words — higher word count to encourage SEO factors including social sharing and “dwell time” (how long someone spends reading a page).


$250.00 per Blog Post Written by a Business owner


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