Why should you use Video Marketing in your business?

Why should you use Video Marketing in your business?

Video marketing increases SEO and converts more sales.
31% marketers include video to enhance SEO. Video increases page quality and time spent on websites, which results in a boost to search engines.
More than 60% marketers believe that their customer acquisition costs have risen. 83% of video marketers believe that video helps them to generate leads.
Video has changed the way businesses market and customers shop. It’s revolutionized how salespeople communicate with prospects and how service departments delight customers. Video is extremely useful in the entire flywheel, not only to increase brand awareness.
Salespeople can use video to increase customer engagement throughout the whole buying process. Salespeople can also use backend analytics to help them identify and prioritize unresponsive leads.
Mobile users are attracted to video marketing.
Video consumption is driven by mobile users. A Statista survey found that 77% use a tablet or mobile device to view online videos. Facebook claims that it is 1.5x easier for people to view video on their smartphones every day than on a desktop computer.
Video marketing is a great way to educate and build trust.
91.9% users are happy to watch any video, but 31.3% of them want how-to videos and 29.8% want educational videos.
There are many options for service teams: onboarding videos and knowledge-based videos, meet with the team videos, support videos calls, customer stories, and support video calls are just some of the ways video can help create a personalized, more comprehensive customer support experience.
Users don’t learn from brands alone. While Millennial users and Gen Z users may be different, most people want to learn from one another. HubSpot Research found that customers and consumers prefer low-quality, authentic video to high-quality, artificially created video.
This is why influencer marketing has grown from $9.7 to an estimated $16.4 trillion by 2022.
Businesses of any size can have video. It is easy to see the data. A solid video marketing strategy is essential for your business to succeed.

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