Overwhelmed? Here’s How to Dig Out When There’s Too Much to Do

Overwhelmed? Here’s How to Dig Out When There’s Too Much to Do

When you’re overwhelmed with work and stress, triage — assigning priorities to your tasks so you can figure out how to allocate your time — is how you dig out. If your January was anything like mine, you spent most of the month clawing your way out of a profound funk. Maybe it’s because you spent your holiday downtime playing “is it Covid or ‘just’ the flu?” with your entire family — canceling reservations and searching for test sites instead of resting and relaxing to a never-ending supply of Netflix holiday Rom-Coms. Maybe instead of scrambling to set your annual goals and implement your strategic plan, you procrastinated through January. You languished. And now? Your fight-or-flight response has just kicked in. Because now it’s February and what have you done? Scratch that. It’s a week into February. Everything you put aside in January is coming at you. All at once. With equal urgency. And your endless explanations and apologies are beginning to sound tired, especially to you. So how do you stop apologizing and get back to getting things done? Triage: Tips to Help Get Back Your Life Create a master triage list. When the dam is spouting multiple leaks, you need to figure out which holes to plug first, and fast. I’m not an office organization guru or project management pro (for help with that,

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