What to do when responding to negative online reviews

What to do when responding to negative online reviews

Negative online reviews are not easy to manage, but they can help you improve your business and your reputation. These are the rules and guidelines for responding to negative reviews online.


  1. It’s important that you respond quickly when you receive a negative feedback. This shows your appreciation for customers’ feedback.
  2. React politely and professionally to negative reviews. It is important to remain professional and polite. Even if you disagree, don’t get defensive or argumentative.
  3. Resolve customer concerns. When responding to negative reviews, be sure to address customer specific concerns. Recognize their experience and offer your apologies for any inconvenience caused.
  4. Offer a solution. It’s not enough to apologize, but it is important to offer a solution. You could offer a refund, a discount or free product or service.
  5. Follow up Once you have addressed customer concerns, be sure to follow-up to make sure they are happy with the solution. This shows you are committed to excellent customer service.


  1. Negative reviews are best ignored. Negative feedback can be ignored. It is important to respond to customers directly and show you are open to listening.
  2. Avoid getting defensive when responding to negative reviews. This could escalate the situation and make customers feel ignored.
  3. Excuses are tempting. While it is tempting to make excuses for negative reviews, it is important to accept responsibility for the customer experience. This shows you are open to learning from customer feedback and will help improve your business.
  4. Do not engage in a public argument when responding to negative reviews. It is important to keep the conversation civilized and professional. Avoid engaging in public arguments as it can harm your reputation and turn off potential clients.
  5. Consider the review as your own. Negative reviews are sometimes difficult to read but it is important not to take them personally. Instead, address the customer’s concerns. Use the feedback to improve your business.

Although it can be difficult to respond to negative reviews online, it is also a chance to build your brand and improve your business. You can transform a negative review into something positive by responding quickly, being polite, and professional, and offering a solution.

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