TikTok, YouTube, and the Conquest for Page One of Google

TikTok, YouTube, and the Conquest for Page One of Google

You’ve crafted the perfect TikTok, or poured hours into a killer YouTube video. But getting it seen beyond those platforms is a whole other battle. In today’s search landscape, ranking on the first page of Google is the holy grail, and video’s role is bigger than ever.

Why Video SEO is Your Secret Weapon

  • Video Craze: People are watching! Online video consumption is skyrocketing, with an average person predicted to spend 100 minutes per day watching in 2023 (Zenith Media).

  • Google Loves Video: Google’s own algorithm often prioritizes videos in search results, especially for “how-to” and informational queries.

  • Engagement Boost: Videos on your website can increase dwell time and lower bounce rates, signals that tell Google your content is valuable.

How to Make Your Videos Rank on Google

  1. Keyword Know-How: Just like written content, target the phrases people are searching for within your video’s title, description, and tags.

  2. Transcripts are Gold: Include a full transcript of your video. This gives Google more text to crawl and understand your content.

  3. Thumbnails that Pop: A compelling thumbnail makes people more likely to click, boosting engagement and signaling relevance to Google.

  4. Backlinks are Still King: Getting other reputable sites to link to your video page builds authority.

  5. Optimize for YouTube Too: Since Google owns YouTube, ranking well THERE increases your chances of breaking into Google’s main results.

The Power of Video + Google

Imagine someone searches “how to fix a leaky faucet.” A well-optimized video alongside your blog post could snag you those coveted top spots. That’s double the visibility!

Don’t think of TikTok and YouTube as isolated islands. By treating your videos with the same SEO care as your website, you’ll unlock their full potential to drive traffic and establish yourself as the go-to expert in your field.

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